Recent Projects

[2015-present] 5G RRM

Development and systemization of radio resource management algorithms for the 5th generation of mobile broadband communications systems.

[2015] LTE-WLAN interworking

Development of new radio resource management and traffic steering algorithms for LTE-WLAN interworking. The project included supporting LTE-A standardization work in RAN-2 and RAN-3.

[2013-2014] 5G Pre-Research

Pre-research on advanced radio transmission technology for the 5th generation mobile broadband communications systems, including superposed non-orthogonal transmission, new waveforms, advanced interference coordination methods and radio resource management in ultra-dense small cells networks. The project included contributing to develop Huawei's portfolio of essential IPRs for 5G technologies.

[2011-2015] LTE-A R&D and Standardization

Development of new radio transmission technology features and IPRs for the 3GPP LTE-A standard. As part of this project, I served as Huawei's delegate in 3GPP RAN-1 standardization meetings with contributions to the following 3GPP study items and work items:

Past Projects